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Limenas, the capital of Thassos is built at the north part of the island, at the same place as the ancient town.

The historical past of the island has left till nowdays its marks upon the marble ruins and the monuments.

Among the things that someone can visit are the ancient dock walls that surround the ancient town, (7th-5th century b.C.), the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Theater the old Temple of Pythiou Apollon. On south of Ancient Agora the roman quarters and Odeum are located, and northeastwards the Diode of Theoron (Town-State Religion Representatives) that seems to be operated since 5th century to 470 approximately being very significant.

On its walls surface there were engraved marvellous bas-reliefs - Apollo with the Nymphs, the Graces holding on their raised hands proffers, wreaths and fruits, Hermes etc. - discovered on 1863 by Emm. Miller, the French traveller, and brought by him to Louver Museum in Paris.

From the Diode of Theoron, a slight diversion leads us to three successive temples: the Artemision, sacred to goddess Artemis, the Dionysion, sacred to god Dionysus, the prime mover of theatre, and the temple of Poseidon.

Significant is the Archeological Museum with a lot of exhibits.

Walking on the Island

Every beach is a discovery and every stop is a surprise. You feel Thassos when you touch it.

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At Limenas, you can enjoy cosmopolitan life and small or larger escapes from the routine life.

Makriamos is an organised beach outside Limenas.

Panagia with the big Platan trees at the central square and the delicious handmade sweets

The Golden Sand at the beach of Panagia

The Kinira, a magical place where its history comes from the ancient times. Besides Kinira, there is the famous beach Paradise

Aliki and Astris with the Aegean Sea as background and the famous beaches all around the world. Among the ruins of the ancient quarries and the temples the water plays itself its own game.

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Psili Ammos is a beach that you will love for the serenity and the smooth sand.

Monastery Archaggelos, built on a bluff stands towards Agio Oros.

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Potos and Pefkari are unique destinations, with lovely beaches, traditional taverns and passionate night life. At the countryside, nine km away from Potos, you' ll meet the village Theologos, one of the most traditional villages that 's wothseeing.

Limenaria, a small town at the south part of the island. On the hill the old mansion of Spidel company and neoclassic houses at the settlement. Limenaria were in great vigor because of the wealthy minings in the area. Touristic place nowdays with intense life day and night. Wonderful is also the beach Tripiti.

The highland villages Maries, Kallirahi and Sotiras and the seaside settlements, are also nice places to visit.

Skala Sotiros. According to mythology here was the temple of Hercules.